We've rebranded! First Coast Cleaners is now Office-So-Clean by Deborah McGeorge.
But one thing hasn’t changed – our extraordinary service.

You’re probably paying too much to have your office cleaned!

If your employees run the vacuum for you, you could be paying too much in terms of employee satisfaction. Most complain about having to add "trash duty" to their job descriptions. (They'll do it, but they won't be happy.) And if you currently use a janitorial service, chances are your company checkbook is paying the ultimate price (you’re getting a little work done for a lot of money.)

The husband and wife team operating as FIRST COAST CLEANERS is the most affordable alternative to this dilemma — Jody and Debbie McGeorge are dedicated to working within your budgetary restrictions while offering uncompromising service. We always strive to provide professional, dependable service that meets the needs of our customers.

Since there are dozens of cleaning companies in St. Augustine, why should FIRST COAST CLEANERS be your first choice?

Fantastically Low rates!

Insured for $3 million

References Available

Service with a Smile

Trustworthy and Honest

Competent and Reliable

Owner Operated since 1988

After Hours Cleaning

Special Cleansers

Tailored to Your Needs

A clean office will reflect the professionalism expected by your clientele. Think very carefully about something:

If cleaning is neglected, anyone who walks into your environment can’t help but wonder this about your company: “If they don't care about how their office looks, how could they possibly care about me and my ___________? (Insert type of client account on that line.) Won't they neglect me too?"


What level of cleanliness will they find when they visit the offices of your competitors?

Jody and Debbie are prepared to work with you to establish a standard of cleanliness that will ensure a sanitary and attractive environment for people who work in and visit your facility.

Our business philosophy is simple: we provide an honest, knowledgeable, straightforward approach to your cleaning needs. Our commitment is to provide quality service, on time, at affordable prices in a spirit of partnership, clear communication, and strong moral ethics. Our reputation depends upon it. Click/tap here to learn more about us.

Contact our office to set up an appointment to receive a FREE building inspection to help determine if your cleaning needs are being fulfilled by your current arrangement. Why not let us create a customized plan tailored to your needs? You'll be surprised how affordable it is ... our prices simply can’t be beat -- our clients are thrilled! Read a few testimonials here.